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  • astronomerj by astronomerj


    Refer to Sunspot1 above for the picture. This sunspot has a long diameter and belongs to an unipolar group with penumbrae on spots across horizontally the sunspot (asymmetrical).

    I found a resourceful website:

    I am still uncertain the classification of Sunspot1.

    Using the McIntosh Sunspot Classification Scheme, this sunspot fits class H.


  • dvdgc13 by dvdgc13 translator, scientist

    Hi @astronomerj

    thanks for all your comments and guesses! Nice to get people so interested.
    The problem is that we cannot, by looking these images, get the McIntosh classification. This is due because we are showing here the magnetic field of the sunspots, whereas for McIntosh you need to see the "white light" (the yellowish image below). The black and the white bits you see in the image are the negative and positive magnetic polarities of the sunspot.

    Finally, for your interest, the McIntosh class is defined using three letters, in this case, the sunspot shown below is Ekc, one for each column of the classification table you posted before.

    Happy classification!!

    Magnetic field
    White light